Thanks to an innovative smart valve and full control of the water discharge, N-TOUCH decreases water wastage and brings down fuel consumption.

The system is not under pressure therefore water losses, which often occurs in traditional systems, are avoided.

The use of a single pipe with a reduced diameter cuts the wastage which inevitably occurs while waiting for hot water to reach the tap.

Thanks to the possibility of adjusting and regulating the discharge time, N-TOUCH reduces consumption and cuts down on unnecessary excessive use of water.

Through the ICY command, the system eliminates completely the risk of accidental heat generator ignitions and reduces the fuel consumption and consequently eliminates useless harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

In this regard, N-TOUCH acknowledges the value of “water” as a resource whose importance is often underestimated. The green technology of N-TOUCH is perfectly compatible with systems which use renewable resources such as sun or geothermics.