09. N-PEX


The D-TOUCH display is the only control required. Attractively designed, the display is simple enough to be used by anyone. It is retro illuminated for excellent visibility of the commands and it keeps electricity consumption to a minimum level by going automatically onto standby.

“All within your finger touch” highlights the concept of this revolutionary hot and cold water delivery system. Specifically, the water output is controlled by simply touching the buttons on the display. It’s just as easy for the user to set the desired water flow and temperature.

The display is water-resistant and can be used even in wet conditions.
The special memory function “COMFORT” allows users to maintain the same water delivery settings which were last used. Moreover, the “ICY” command can be selected in order to deliver cold water only so that the heat generator is not accidentally activated, energy is saved and costs for hot water are reduced. Costs related to water consumption are also reduced.

D-TOUCH users can define their personal operating settings (maximum operating time and maximum temperature for each individual utility). It is fitted to an ordinary 503 electric box.

D-Touch can be positioned freely without any restriction, giving to the user the absolute aesthetic customization of its environments.

scarica il manuale di D-TOUCH in formato pdf

Sophisticated and minimal design

Electrical cable connects display to the e-valve


An exclusive solenoid valve is the core of the system. Controlled by the D-TOUCH remote display, the N-MIX solenoid valve mixes the water, instantly regulating output and temperature by means of a high precision probe.

Besides N-MIX (mixer), there is also an N-ONE valve featuring simplified electronics which manages to the WC unit. The specially developed N-ONE is fitted to the FLUSH flushing tank to optimize its operation; an electronic float provides controlled filling of the tank.

The solenoid valves are made of plastic composite which ensures the same strength as traditional materials while overcoming the usual problems of corrosion and lime deposits.
The valves feature precise electronics but are simple and safe: they move a high protection degree IPzz and their movements are regulated by low voltage (15 Volt) Impulses. In the event of black-outs the operation of the system is guaranteed by the 12 Volt battery pack provided.

Each solenoid valve is dedicated to a utility (** kitchen sink, wash basin, bidet, shower, etc.) and the system can be customized by simply establishing the number of valves required and fitting them to each other in a pack to form an innovative distribution collector. Water tightness is ensured by a series of O-rings placed between the different modular units.

N-MIX valve, the system’s core

N-ONE valve, studied for WC

Valve’s bottom base, Fixing top, Threaded rods


The N-TOUCH system comes with 1 x 12x1.1mm PEX-C pipe which can move freely inside a corrugated PPR sheath to adapt to structural shifts and facilitate maintenance. PEX–C was chosen for its considerable chemical inertia in water and lack of corrosion risk which could alter the quality of the water.

The intrinsic features of the material (non metallic) and the smooth pipe surface reject lime deposits so that the pipe section remains stable over time, the water flow never decreases and the quality of the water remains intact.

The air chamber between the pipe and the sheath is another barrier against heat transmission and noise. The pipe does not form condensation as it is not in contact with walls.

Connections for the N-TOUCH system are threaded 1⁄2” snap couplings, very easy to install without the need for any special tools. The 1⁄2” solenoid valve connection gives the N-TOUCH system maximum flexibility, making it compatible with the usual connections normally used for plumbing.

Pipe N-PEX
12x1.1 PEX-C EN ISO 15875

Brass straight fitting
12x1/2” M with quick connection

Final brass elbow
12x1/2” F with quick connection
and plastic fixing box


The electrical modules guarantee a functional system and constantly monitor battery charge to ensure a wide safety margin.
During normal operation the three modules interact with each other: the supply unit converts electricity from 230 to 15 volts and supplies the necessary voltage and at the same time maintains the UPS module active.
This ensures constant battery charge, enabling the system to work properly even when power fails.

With the reduced absorption of N-touch the battery module can activate thousands of times and keep the system fully efficient even in critical conditions.

If prolonged power failure compromises the system, the N-touch safety devices detect a danger point and cut in to close all utilities automatically until power returns; only then does the system detect normal working conditions and return again to the standard configuration.

Power Pack provides energy to the system

Unit Power Supply regulates the battery and keeps it charged

Battery pack guarantees thousands of operations even without power supply


In order to satisfy all user’s needs, N-TOUCH comes with different attractive water taps.

The system includes wall fitting or stand-on models to satisfy designers and customers. All N-TOUCH taps are in brass, exclusively chrome plated.

The brass involved complies with specifications as required by current legislation.

SMART basin spout

GRACE wall-up spout

Flat arm
and square Slim 300 headshower